May 2023 Release
September 2022 Release
November 2021 Release
July 2021 Release
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January 2021 Release
July 2020 Release 

May 2023 Release (04.156)

TEST: 25 April 2023 | PROD: 9 May 2023

Integration Integration


We have implemented the Visa/Mastercard reattempt management mechanism, reducing the number of retries for declined transactions.

Make sure to comply to this rule as explained here.

September 2022 Release (04.152)

TEST: 24 August 2022 | PROD: 7 September 2022

Integration Interface


We have added parameters to the dynamic file structure of our Reporting tool. This can help you to follow-up on your transactions for granted 3-D Secure exemptions (ThreeDsExemption) and the SCA scenario (ThreeDsChallengeIndicator) for each of your transactions.

November 2021 Release (04.147)

TEST: 20 October 2021 | PROD: 3 November 2021

Integration Integration


Added a new chapter in our 3-D Secure status guide, informing you about the gradual decommission of 3-D Secure v1.

July 2021 Release (04.145)

TEST: 14 July 2021 | PROD: 28 July 2021

Integration Integration


A new version of our Parameter Cookbook is online.

May 2021 Release (04.144)

TEST: 18 May 2021 | PROD: 1 June 2021

Interface Integration


Our platform allows you to decide whether to continue or interrupt transactions for which 3-D Secure could not be rolled out.

Learn all about it in our new 3-D Secure Status guide.


March 2021 Release (04.143)

TEST: 17 March 2021 | PROD: 31 March 2021

Interface API


With the continuous improvement of the version 2 of 3-D Secure, we are proud to offer you more parameters for secure transactions, such as:

January 2021 Release (04.142)

TEST: 20 January 2021 | PROD: 2 February 2021

Interface API


3DSv2 feedback parameter CH_AUTHENTICATION_INFO is now available. Check out our e-Commerce and DirectLink guides to learn more.

July 2020 Release (04.139)

TEST: 1 July 2020 | PROD: 23 July 2020

Integration Integration


New Strong Customer Authentication parameters are available for MasterCard transactions. This “MasterCard 2.1+” feature will maximize the chance of a frictionless flow and lead to higher approval rates.

Check out here for eCommerce and here for DirectLink how to implement it.